Make your videos look STUNNING with this.

If you love taking videos with your phone, you should see this. Zhiyun Smooth Q is a 3-axis gimbal or video stabilizer tool that is cheaper than most Gimbals out in the market today.

For those of you who are not aware of what a gimbal is, it’s a device you can use with your smartphones, DSLR cameras or action cams like the GoPro. Basically, what a gimbal does is that it stabilizes the video you take removing the shakiness, thus making your videos appear professional.

What I like about this gimbal is that it’s way much cheaper than DJI Osmo but with similar quality. Smooth Q’s battery also lasts longer than DJI’s. It also has a built-in charging port for smartphones which is not present in the Osmo. If you are planning to buy a gimbal I definitely recommend Smooth Q rather than DJi Osmo.


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