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Why I haven’t post anything for 6 months

There are lots of stories I would like to tell you what happened to me these past months. I left virily and start some...

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What I Wish I Knew About Romance: Believe in soul mates

Believe in soul mates I interviewed a woman called  Allison and paid close attention when she told me how, as a young backpacker, she met...

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What I Wish I Knew About Romance: Be grateful for your mistakes

Ah, the great mystery we call love. We all want to be better at it, but we make the same mistakes again and again....

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Women use more of their brains

"Whatever women - do even just wiggling their thumbs - their neuron activity is more greatly distributed throughout the rain," says psychiatrist and neurologist...

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(STORIES) All in a Day’s Work

STORY 1 I was a student nurse in the operating theater with an anesthetist renowned for his bad temper. As he inserted a needle into...

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