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I’ve talked, in my three previous posts about home automation projects

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The first post was focused on improving your home network so that you were ready to do your home automation project. I introduced a wonderful product called Fingbox in that blog. The second post was focused on door locks. I use the Yale locks myself; there are some other companies that make them. Automatic door locks are a huge addition to the security of your home. The third post focused on lighting. Just those three projects get you well underway for the concept and process of home automation.

There are some other products however that you can consider as you wander the path of automation. One of the most interesting additions in the past couple of years is the broad category of home security devices. I use two systems for video. One I will talk about in a future blog. The other system is called Canary. The Canary video camera system has both an interior and an exterior camera you can purchase. I have one for each of the doors in our house (on the inside). The system is cloud based for its storage, that means by the time someone realizes they are on camera, the image is already in the cloud. Ergo even if they smash the camera, you have an image for the police!

As you head down the automation path, having a good camera system is critical. You want to know what is happening in your house when you aren’t there. One of the coolest things, of course, is the ability to share the cool thing your dog or cat does when you are not home with your friends. But you also have peace of mind knowing the lights in your house is off. Your garage is closed, and you can see what is going on when you are not home.

The 4th project in my home automation project is inside of the house video cameras. More suggestions and ideas are coming!


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