The value of Amazon Drive for storing your digital memories!

Is the flashlight dead? I used to have flashlights all over the house. I still have a couple (one is more of a spotlight to see if someone is moving around our backyard). I have a couple in my office, but they are more for working with crews and other things that can be hard to see. One of the things that have reduced the number of flashlights in our house is, of course, the ability to use your cellular phone as a flashlight. The other thing is the number of flashlights (3) that I have moved to the boat. The engine room or area of boats isn’t normally well lit. There are things you have to be able to see, and frankly, cellular phones aren’t good flashlights.

My flashlight musings end there. Yesterday I was playing with the FireTV system. Mostly I use it to show the images in the Family History project. But I also use the Amazon Drive system to have an online copy of my digital media files. For 60 bucks a year, or roughly the cost of a single two TB hard drive, you have secure cloud storage for your media. By the way that is for 1 TB of online space, between videos and other files, we are well past 1tB of storage needed. Amazon gives you free photo storage with your prime membership!

I realize that not everyone has converted all their family images to digital. It is also something that younger families don’t worry about (the vast majority of their pictures are already digital). But it is something to consider a part of your backup plan. You see even if you already have only digital pictures, that HD sits in your house. HD’s don’t do well with fire, water or other natural disasters. That means having an offline digital copy that isn’t in your home is critical.

I also use Carbonite, an online backup tool to do the same thing. I figure having two online copies and four local copies is the best for me.


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