The Value of a Particular Publishing Site – 3

When you post an item on Hubpages, the inferior Artificial ‘Intelligence’  moderation program will find ‘spammy’ elements and ‘non-feature’ the article.

‘Spammy’ elements, according to experience might be a word in Bold face, a Link to another site, (even for reference) or some other ridiculous determination, and the A.I. will  ‘flag’ the item.

No matter how good the writing, one has to break it into sections and festoon it with a a bunch of images  of a certain size. If this is not done, the item will be ‘non-featured’.

The quality of the writing, the importance of the topic are not ‘judged’. All that matters is over 1k words, five sections, five big pictures, no bold face, no links.

I crack up every time I explain Hubpages ‘policy’. For how can one judge the quality of writing by these measures? simply put, one can’t, which is why Hubpages is waaaaay at the bottom of writing sites.

The point is, articles which are  ‘non-featured’  are now safely stored on Hubpages. The date and time of  submission is ‘stamped’ so that you can prove when you wrote it.

Here is the upside, you don’t need to pay for storage, it is supplied free as is the date and time of your copyright.

As the item is ‘non-featured’ on Hubpages you have absolute license to publish it elsewhere. You can cut it into shards so that an article of 1000 words can be made into five separate items and published on any other site.

No plagiarism checker will find it, because it is not visible to the public any more than were it on your computer.

You see the value?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar