How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 35

The  reason you use a new name and a new email address is so that you can  publish the item on more than one site.

If   you  join Hubpages as Oliver Queen using as your email, and  publish an article on Superheroes,  you can pretty much know how to get it  unfeatured.

When  it is unfeatured no one can see it but you.

So you published this item on Hubpages on the 1st of the  month.  It was up until the 2nd and now is ‘unfeatured’ due to ‘spammy’ elements.

You join Newsite as Barry Allen.   Your email is at hotmail.

Barry Allen publishes the article on Superheroes on  Newsite

When Newsite doesn’t pay and you can’t take down your article you go to Hubpages, and get your item up, (no matter how or for how long)  then  as Oliver Queen alert Newsite that Barry Allen has plagiarised your work.

See how easy it is?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar