The Value of a Particular Publishing Site – 5

One of the most amusing stories concerning Hubpages is that of a famous author, who, in discussion with others, learned of this ‘glitch’. That is, the crappy A.I. program which ‘reads’ and assesses the value of submissions to the site.

The Author wrote a short story and published it on Hubpages. He was astounded to see it become ‘non-featured’ due to ‘spammy’ elements within two days.

We are talking about First Rate prose. An excellent and interesting and of course, well written story. But this story was not read by a human, it was read by a computer algorithm. The program ‘judged’ the item. And this program rejected the story!!!

After everyone got a good laugh, (many having read it the moment it was published because they sort of knew the A.I. would reject it) the famous author, leaving the item’ non-featured’ on Hubpages, published it in hard copy. He made a good bit of money. It was read by millions of people.

Besides proving the ridiculousness of Hubpages, the larger issue is that no one with a functional brain can ever use A.I. . to judge human activities, such as writing, because no non human entity can read. No non-human entity can determine good prose from rubbish.

This is why much of what is ‘featured’ on Hubpages is incredibly boring and of very low quality. Much of what is published on Hubpages can not be placed on a professional site. And if you go there and click on the items which are ‘Featured’ you will find long and boring badly written rubbish.

The fact a famous author’s work was ‘non-featured’ and its existence on Hubpages totally unknown to the Admin of Hubpages must be promulgated, so that writers of some quality do not waste time trying to publish their best items on Hubpages, but use it simply for storage.


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