The technology of Edge Computing (and some thoughts on the what and how of Edge)…

One of the technologies that I am interested in currently is the growing world of air quality devices. It comes from my ever-growing love of remote data, remote or edge sensors and weather information.There are some interesting air quality sensors on the market. First, the NetATMO system includes an air quality sensor as well as an indoor coach. The indoor coach focuses on the quality of the air in a specific space, but also, the sound and other variables.

IT is one of those things that I think about. In part because the presence of higher amounts (non-toxic) of CO presents interesting problems. The other side is the Ozone levels in the outside air and of course, the UV level. All of these things are components of what I like to measure.

The reality of what is called Edge Computing adds some flavor to the conversation. Edge computing is pushing the computing required for data analysis to the edge of the network. Bloomsky is an interesting implementation of that (Bloomsky is a time-lapse video weather station). Part 1, the computing required to measure wind, rainfall, and temperature as well as UV levels are processed on the device. The time-lapse video is processed offline and reloaded back into the station for you to consume.

Other edge devices go even further at this point, processing and analyzing the data they are collecting as far from the user consuming as is possible. Edge, Cloud and the Internet of Things are all relevant conversations to have as you consider the reality of measuring air quality, weather and other using the distributed nature of Edge. Edge has a risk of course, like anything the how and what of security is critical.

As we go forward in this space, there is so much to come.


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