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The technology of bags…

 One of the conversations I often have both with myself and with others is the backpack versus rolling bag argument. I have both types of bags and have used both types over the years. There was a time when wearing a heavy backpack while traveling messed up my shoulder. But, there are and remain times when the reality of a rolling bag is at best annoying and at worst, virtually useless. Dragging a rolling bag through snow isn’t fun.  Now, with some of the newer things that bags offer that I find useful is a solar power array sewn into the bag and a power supply. There are a few things that I think future bags could add that would be of value.

  1. Integrated connector for cameras like the go-pro, so you can film as you hike. There are bags that have this now, but the critical thing is to get a single bag with all of them!
  2. Solar power capable of charging an extended life battery.
  3. Wire system so that you can connect to the battery but not have wires hanging out of your bag

Now there are other things that I think would be critical including ripstop nylon bags. I have seen backpacks for kids recently that are bulletproof, while interesting I suspect that is more than I need to consider walking around in the IT world. I would also think that having a wifi router built in would be useful. One that could connect to your cellular phone and the wall plug of a hotel room, conference room or other ethernet connection and allow all your devices to connect.

The future of bags looks a lot like yesterday. We are closer now, but there are still so many things we need to add to bags to make them more effective overall!

Or, perhaps I need to carry less with me.


What do you think?


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  1. Something that intrigued the idea, considering I have very rarely brought a large bag in recent years other than a handbag to carry some small stuff. It would be nice to use a bag with various useful accessories that make life easier, especially if the bag can always provide cash in it. Hehe…


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