The technology evolution of the last 10 years continued…

One of the big changes in the past ten years of computing is the reality of applications. In 2008 the concept that the iPhone would create, that of applications. Before the rise of the iTunes store and the reality of mobile games, the phone often had the expensive software. I suspect the change to smaller bite-sized, and chapter applications caused some overall changes.  There was a time when we considered a full-fledged application critical. The reality of the mobile world changed that. The rise of mobile sites and greater awareness of what a mobile device could do changed not only how people bought application, but it forced the traditional software houses to move to a new world.

The 99 cent application model has created a new world that created some other interesting things. The add-on market for phones existed long before the iPhone. But Apple is the company that has survived two huge transitions, without losing a significant portion of the overall market share. They dropped the 32 pin connection of the original iPhone and the iPod for the new lightning connector. That changed the overall market by forcing people to rebuy some add-ons. In the past, that kind of change was market changing. Apple just made the change and moved on. The consumer buying that the new model and new hardware was simply better overall. Sales and marketing became suddenly critical components of the overall cellular phone world.

Then Apple did it one more time, pulling the 3.5mm audio jack that had been the stalwart of every phone released from the beginning of the cellular explosion (somewhere around 1991, cellular phones became more than a movie prop).  Now the iPhone didn’t have one, yes they gave you a dongle, but surely that change caused Apple to lose market share right? Well, maybe a very small amount, but not much. The market has changed. iPhone and Android phones dominate the landscape. The reality of bit-sized applications continues to expand. People using the smaller screen of their phone need information served up in smaller footprints than you do on your PC.  All of that change, an entire market in just a decade.

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