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The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a machine or a program with the vision to simulate the ability to solve problems that are usually done by humans. The fast development of technology has created conflicting reactions among people.  Some people have this belief that because of AI, humans will someday be replaced by machines.

How about you, what do you think about Artificial Intelligence?

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  1. This is an interesting post.
    Always happy to see how other people’s views are, and this time about AI. I think everyone knows that change is eternal but not everyone is aware of it and not always prepared to deal with it. AI and other technological advancements are just a shift over how to play and work as other shifts in the past, and of course, it has various risks and consequences in many aspect.

  2. How many robots are replacing people … very much … if it’s just fine, I do not know … what will people do? Every new thing has probably good properties but also has many side effects

  3. Thank you for dropping by Tasartcraft. But you are in the marketing field and you are selling arts, right? I believe you need to learn about AI. You will appreciate my next post. I hope it would be approved. Do you have your own blog?

    • Thank you for sharing your thought on this Alex. Though there are negative publicities circulating around the US about offshore outsourcing, I can proudly say that Filipinos who are hired by outsourcing companies are very competitive. With a high poverty rate in our country and many unemployed individuals, I am very sure that every Filipino hired for the job will do their best no matter what in order to create an outstanding relationship with his/her client.

  4. It, AI taking over jobs is a really interesting argument.

    First thanks for sharing – love this!

    As for jobs, well the thing people often forget, in order to have the AI systems, someone has to program those systems. The more we have the more programmers we need.

    If the AI system has a connection to IoT, IoE or other IIoT devices, you need someone that can repair both of those.

    The reality is that those jobs will expand and grow. The issue is, we do not have a qualified workforce to fill the new jobs.

    • In a tehcnical sense, yes, there are very few people who are knowledgeable about it. So sad I was born too early. I wanted to further my studies in this field but I am not sure if I will have more time. I will be studying this coming school year but not IT related. I will be pursuing a Bachelor of Law degree because I need it for my day job.

      Well, who knows I may be able to pursue this field too. I am technology inclined and I love learning new things about it. Thank you for dropping by.


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