Technology topics and initial follow up on my how can we improve Virily post…

For those of you participating in my fact-finding effort on improving Virily, I will finalize and share the top concerns/things we can do to improve the site this weekend.  For those interested, the following three concepts are the leaders right now.

  1. Better communication between the editors and users
  2. Ability to edit a post after it has been published without the editors having to push it back to the drafts folder.
  3. Speed up the site.

There are a couple of other things that will be included in the first three when I write them up!

On the path to what is next, I am open to technology interests form my readers right now. I spend a lot of time talking about the things I feel like are going to be important, but those are things I see. I would love to hear (in the comments section) things that you feel would be critical for you going forward in technology.

I am also going to dive back into the business reality of understanding the market before you launch. There are some things that companies forget, or rush past sometimes. I want to make sure that people considering leaping, know what they may land on!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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