Technology, Kindle, Audible and Sonos a great idea.

I was a very early adopter of the Kindle. I took one all over the world. It is a great product. I still have one. The ability to have my entire library of books in one place is awesome. It allows me not to buy books anymore. Now, I just have them on my Kindle. The amount of desk and shelf space saved by that simple answer is beyond amazing. Around the same time I started using a Kindle, I was also using Audible. Audible is interesting because you can get the same books on Kindle (Amazon owns both). You can read and listen at the same time. For me, I use audible books when I am communicating with my car.

Recently Sonos, a wireless speaker system for your home, released their new Audible play component for the Sonos speakers. You can have Alexa play Audible books as well. I won’t spend any more time on that; it is just interesting to see the various online streaming integration services as they all come together.

Integration is the future of IoT, home automation, and entertainment. I promise!

I use my iPhone as the primary Audible listening device (I have many more books on the Kindle than I used to). For me, the value now is I can listen to my audible books, and read books on my Kindle wherever I am.  Books, words and being able to enjoy both represent something important for me. In part because I have written blogs, books and other things for years. Partly because for a little more than a year of my life, reading was the only entertainment I had. The integration of Mobile to more and more technology is something that I welcome. The future is integration!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. My Kindle disappointed me tonight. I thought it was fully loaded when I got to the bank and had to wait, but most of my books appeared to be somewhere besides my Kindle and I couldn’t download them away from my own wireless connection. Guess I’ll have to open a few more at home, since I probably will have to wait again somewhere tomorrow. It’s sad when you think you have a Kindle full of books and they really aren’t on your Kindle at all.