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I know, in the past three or four years I have looked at some very interesting technologies. Sure, I have opportunities to look at a lot of things, but the reality is I don’t always continue to use many things. Some of the things that appear, slowly move their way to eBay or friends. It is the evolution of the tech I need. For example for a long time, I had a home theater ceiling mounted the projector. I no longer have a ceiling mounted projector. I have one that is on the table in my theater. It is easier to move it around and connect other things to it. I had a bunch of friends over about two months ago to discuss some ideas, and we used the projector. It has built-in Harmon Kardon speakers, so the sound and the image were great!

That said I do have more projectors than I need right now. I have one that is the portable projector that I haven’t used in awhile. But, honestly, the aftermarket for projects is bad. You lose 90% of the value of the projector when you try to sell it after a year. Sad but I refuse to sell something in that mode. I will wait and donate it to a place that needs a projector and take the real value off my taxes. I have slowly over the past two months finally decided on the 360-degree cameras that I am keeping (Bubl and insta360. I suspect I will probably consider some of the other 360 cameras on the market, but for now, those are the two I am going to keep and use. The rest have been appearing on eBay over the past months.

eBay is my primary auction site and has been for a long time. I have a long time relationship that is more bad than good at this point. They, eBay continue to make it harder to harder to continue my relationship with them. Customer service is a two-way street. While there are bad people that sell online, there are also bad people that buy online. I get frustrated with eBay frequently. I vow to stop selling there and explore options, but when  you have a great selling reputation, it is really hard to walk away. Customer service is so critical, eBay is a little better than Indiegogo, but since IndieGoGo is so horrific, honestly it really isn’t hard for eBay to be better. The bar is slow…


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