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Does the reality of camera surveillance change the world forever? A couple of months ago one of our neighbor’s house (adjoining) was broken into. We didn’t know that, but when there was an evening knock on the door, a police officer was standing on the porch. I invited the officer in, and they informed us that there had been a robbery next door. Did, he asked our video camera in the back see our neighbors backyard? It does not, the ethics of video security requires you not to watch your neighbors house. But we did see movement along the fence line and were able to establish a timeline for the police. I suspect based on the last couple of news articles I’ve seen, the police now routinely ask for video surveillance.

Who could blame them? IT makes their job easier, and therefore all of us safer. Business locations have for many years had cameras. Ok, some of them had shells, not real cameras. But some have actual cameras. They are normally mounted in such a place that would be difficult for someone to reach. Or that is not what people expect a security camera to look like. I like to walk by the cameras I know about and wave. I figure whoever is reviewing the video welcomes the occasional wave. Being the eye in the sky is not an easy job. In fact my guess it is a boring job often, that becomes a high-stress job very quickly. What happens when you don’t see the event that everyone needs images of so they can recreate the event.

Video security is also a blanket issue. As in, what are you trying to do with the video surveillance? Are you protecting your home, watching your children or seeing what the dog does while you are away? By the way, the same device can do all three. Personally, I like the Canary video cameras. They are small, easily placed in your home. They operate on ethernet or wi-fi. They have a great iOS and a great Android application, so you can see what is going on when you aren’t home. They are smart enough to change their status when you leave home. As if, if they don’t see your phone on the home wi-fi they go from disarmed to armed. They are motion sensitive, so if something movies, Carnary notifies you. They are cloud-based so that if someone does break into your home, and then shatters your canary, it doesn’t matter, They had to enter the home to get to the camera and the camera already uploaded the fact that they were there to cloud. Not sure why the thief wouldn’t run out of the house when they realized there was a camera but there is sometimes no reason.


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