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I have, over the past month or so talking about the Oculus Go headset. The Oculus Go is one of the first true standalone VR headsets. Its, the Oculus Go’s big brother is the Oculus Rift that connects to your PC. What follows is my review of the headset and the application. First off,m the price point for the Oculus Go (around 200 dollars) is a lot less than the cost (around 900 including a PC capable of running the Rift headset).  The Oculus application is available in the iTunes store and Google Play. It allows you to interact with the headset via Bluetooth. The setup was straightforward. First, you connect via Bluetooth and then connect your headset to your Wi-Fi network at home.

From my initial review regarding must-have applications I will list them below:

  • Netflix
  • Anne Frank House Rout
  • Apollo 11 VR

By the way, all three of my highly recommended applications are free. The biggest difference from using the Rift headset and the Go headset has to be the controller. The Go has a new controller that is easier to use than the controllers of the RIFT. Some of the VR systems and headsets allow you to use an Xbox controller. The Sony PlayStation VR uses the PlayStation controllers. In both of those cases, control is very nice. The Oculus Go controller is as good as the PlayStation and Xbox controllers overall. Being able to interact with the VR world using the controller is critical. Until the Hololens you can’t use the motion of fingers and body parts to control the device.

The headset easily adjusts to your head. The screen has great display capabilities. I watched a movie on Netflix while relaxing with the Go headset. Sounds is good, although I suspect you will eventually be able to pair the Go with a speaker set or a headset for even better sound. I haven’t played any of the games at this point. But I have enjoyed the three apps listed above. The future of what the VR world can be is incredible. At the very least, the interactive ability to see where a part is before reaching for it in your washing machine would be worth it. The same of course, true about both large machine repair. I know that some of the AR headsets are already in production with Airplane Engine applications and so on.

My rating for the Oculus Go headset – 10 out of 10!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Back when I was a kid, I was really crazy about VR games. I played one which used goggles and gloves that just blew my mind. Now that tech is coming of age…