RT Reports on the Dangers of 5G

Friday, April 3, 2020

RT reports on 5G, which was actually posted last year on Youtube. They state it is a dangerous experiment on humans worldwide. A doctor states that 4G has enough side effects. Hence, 5G will be mass murder.  Many doctors don’t want it, but unfortunately the Zionists are going to do what they want for their depopulation agenda.


What do you think?


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    • i use my iphone for emergencies, when i am out and i need to call someone, as well as taking snapshots or making videos. sometimes, i use it for an emergency at home, when my regular phone stopped working, and i had to call cox with my iphone. so, it is good for emergencies.

    • yeah, i found about it recently because of all the research about it and videos. it all fits with everything, and they are using this coronavirus, which is mild for most people, for a reason to do lockdown, control the whole earth, and move toward their destination. i was aware that the computer screen gives off radiation but i thought it was mild. but now it might be worse…

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