Bill Gates Promotes his deadly vaccine with microchip…

Saturday, 4.4.20

Lockdown continues in So.Cali, as the One World Lockdown inches its way toward a Totalitarian Society of Slavery.

Bill Gates wants to depopulate society, which includes beheading with guillotines. The new vaccine is planned to kill 10% to 15% of the population. This vaccine will also implant a microchip, and this deadly vaccine kill more people than the Coronavirus. It will be mandatory.

2020 ID

Anti-christ will rule whole earth in One World New World Order totalitarian society.

One World Religion is to worship the Dragon. Who the fuck worships dragons?

They created the problem—the mild Coronavirus, and they are using it to force people to take a more deadly vaccine and microchip, promising it will improve your life, which is a lie because it will improve their financial life.

They want to give people a “tattoo.”

Citizen of UN, with One World Order, N.W.O. Zionist agenda.

5G is already been implemented to increase your contact to radiation and cancer.

Church of AI? Who wants to worship an AI god?

From microchip in card to microchip to hand. Quantum-dot tattoo microchip in your hand. 5G, vaccines, and microchip in human are the new weapons against society.

(Gumby has a microchip from before I adopted him, but I keep in indoors anyway).

I agree that it was all preplanned for the New World Order agenda so they can further their satanic Zionist agenda.


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