Friday, April 3, 2020

“UnNamed 5G Whistleblower Claims That People Are Being Infected With Coronavirus Via The Covid-19 Tests.”

5G frequency is a very high frequency, close to the weapon, which is their weapon to mass murder the earth’s population for their New World Order Zionist depopulation agenda, noted in their satanic Georgia Guidestones—which is the commandments for Satanists, Zionists, and their puppets. This is the largest global coverup in human history. So, this virus has nothing to do with Coronavirus, but rather cellular poisoning via 5G implementation. No wonder Trump had recently signed a bill for this 5G to be installed everywhere, stating it is cool and will make your computer work faster and stronger. Moreover, this video mentions that the people dying from Coronavirus is from the testing, in which is intentionally killing people. This video isn’t on Youtube. 

It was started because of radioactive toxins while people where using their cellphone everywhere. It had nothing to do with China. What else is knew…the Zionists do their mass murder and blame it on another country, such as China, Russia, Iran, and etc…

The world will be run by AI, one world currency, driverless cars, cashless society, one world religion.

People dying or sick on the cruise ships was because cruise ships had 5G.

He also mentions the toxic new vaccines, created to mass murder many people. (I knew that this Coronavirus was mild, and there is more to this whole lockdown shit. There are killing many people with the 5G radiation, and they will continue with new forced vaccines). This vaccine will be implemented with the microchip for their cashless society.

Check out the video on the below link:

5G Whistleblower Video exposes worldwide mass murder for NWO


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