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How to Promote your Website Free?

You may be aware that your website can be promoted freely in so many ways. So try to implement the same one by one. If you follow proper methods then spending any money for promotion of a website after building it is not at all necessary. Make use of the numerous traffic exchanges. You should also be alert and active to the request of links by increasing your online friends. Always be helpful to others for your free website promotion.

You can also get entry into article directories. However in order to get included in the directory of your preference your website need to be built and presented neatly in all respects which needs to be remembered. You will see the results showing up once you begin with this step. It is a method adopted by many for free website promotion which is successful and at the same time easy and simple too.

Your website can be enrolled in the most up to date online directories also. You should also be willing to exchange the banner ad of a different webmaster’s site with the banner ad of your site. In every day chit-chats with your friends and others you can just mention about your website and its aspects and let the message pass on from person to person thus everybody knows about your site which becomes a website promotion achieved free of cost.

Straight away you can get substantial traffic once e-zines, social groups and your friends are emailed one or two paragraph written in brief. At any moment this way of free website promotion can be made. To advertise your site a press release may also be issued showing your skills in writing. By participating actively in different forums you can let the world know about your site through each and every post.


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  1. I will try make content generator in Javascript so I can script at any source and make simple backlinks. Backlinks will increase Google rank which will bring more users for me.

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