Posting bugs and other web issues…

I am not sure why but the posting bug got me today here on Virily. The one, however, is a new bug, involving a web security solution (Cloudflare) and error I’ve never seen before (on Virily, I’ve seen a permissions error like that several times when I’ve posted to other sites).  One of the things I often do when meeting a problem head-on is to evaluate both the what and the how of the problem. In this case, I tried a couple of tricks to see if, in fact, the problem would go away. It didn’t go away with the easy fixes (I did notify the Verily team as well).

The method that worked was posting all the pictures I took yesterday of the visitor on our back porch. I managed to continue my Photo Challenge streak to now, 128 posts. I do worry about the issues of the web platform. I sadly recall when the WWW designation wasn’t there, that the reality of the internet was the transfer of mail, and the direct transfer of files via FTP. The reality of DNS managed infrastructures that didn’t have the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) available to leverage.

Part of the reality the internet is facing is the reality of money. Sites that pay for content do so either based on paid memberships or based on advertising. The issue has to do with the reality of staffing, and the interesting reality of custom code. No one knows for sure the things that can go wrong, and for that matter do go wrong (other than Murphy who seems to have known). Based on the ever-increasing need to make money, versus the reality of technology and the presence of money to fix problems, sites sometimes suffer growing pains. There was a time when Amazon wasn’t as reliable as it is now. All sites mature at different rates, and the willingness to continue driving change becomes critical.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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    • I suspect the Cloudflare issue comes up for people cross-posting (lots of categories) it is a security package, and probably just needs to be tweaked.

  1. This may be a new issue to you on this site. That has been happening to me for at least three weeks. No word from the site is not comforting to me.

    • Sorry to hear that, I found a workaround which is well, what IT people tend to do with problems like this. But the workaround is just that, a temporary fix.