One thought on improving Virily and some OS patches…

Sometimes by Tuesday or so, December 12th, I will post my 600th post here on Virily. I posted roughly a little more than that on Niume (yes I still miss the community of Niume). It would seem a milestone but not really. I post every day. Two posts a day adds up quickly. Plus I try to share movie reviews and poems on the weekends, so things begin to add up quickly. In that posting frenzy I find that I spend 1-2 hours or so a day on Virily as a site. I would like to spend more of my time on the site reading other bloggers works, and less time sorting through the comments on the site at this point. That is my only real big complaint today about Virily.

Overall its good site for sharing, and a good site for the most part for connecting with people. Given that I have been using the platform for the past few months I do have a few suggests that I think would make the process and site flow better. The first is to separate the Virly’s people get. Comments should be in a separate container so that you can quickly answer all of them. I get 40-50 comments a day, and I doubt that I am even in the higher end of that. I do try to answer every question asked. I do also hate the copy paste comments that some people think are acceptable. Seriously? It takes time to respond to comments on Virily now, please don’t waste my time.

To wrap up my technology blog and veer away from talking about blogging platforms there are a couple of interesting things floating around right now. The first is the update of iOS to 11.2. Get this one as soon as you can; there are some fixes that will improve both your iPad and iPhone experience. There are some critical Windows 10 patches coming, but they are more towards the end of this month, so I won’t bring them up now!


What do you think?


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