Of communication, ethics and Drone Season!

As a person, I find two things really important to me, communications styles and ethics. How people behave when no one is watching them, is something I find interesting. Different people have different views of the ways things should be, and when you match that with the communication style you can often tell what is coming next. Sometimes I forget that for a moment, I need to be able to step back and think about a situation. Sometimes when a conversation is going on, it isn’t easy to step back, so I don’t.

For many years I advocated some crowdfunding projects before they were delivered on Indiegogo. I don’t do that anymore (due to a huge failure rate at Indiegogo). I do, when I have time to step back and evaluate what is going on, realize my mistake and make amends if required. The apology is critical and the very first step always. The next step is making amends however you can. In the case of the failed Indiegogo campaigns, I have made amends with the people that listened, backed and lost money personally.

Sometimes, it is important to remember, and I often struggle with this, that I am not always right.

Heading back down the technology path, we are almost to drone season. This year Drone season includes shipping, waiting and flying. I am waiting for two ROV’s/Drones coming later this spring. I still have a small older drone, and will fly that one as soon as the April winds die down a bit. One of the Drones I am waiting for is the water landing, waterproof drone. I can’t wait to see how it performs out on the Bay. Drone season and the three phases of the season are now upon us!

PS. Always check the LAWS where you are as far as where you are allowed to fly drones!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Some of our surf life savers are beginning to consider using drones to locate people who need rescuing to lesson the risk to themselves. You are right, people need to have their privacy respected and also check to see if it’s OK to use a drone.

    • It is a lot of fun – the potential in saving human lives is also incredible. Last year they found a number of hikers that were lost in the US, using Drones!

    • Yes, the roofing company I work with surveyed the damage on our roof with a drone. Power lines and oil pipelines are other places heavily using drones!