My Mobile Office – 365 Photos Challenge #2

My Mobile Office

This is my mobile office. These are the equipment that I use everyday to do my online work, including my graphic designs and drawings…That also includes writing and uploading my Virily posts.

My Mobile Office

  1. The main component- my 10.1 inch Android tablet which I bought for less than a hundred dollars.
  2. My Bosch wireless speaker which is more expensive than my tablet (grin).
  3. My less than $10.00 Bluetooth keyboard.
  4. And the most important of all, a mug of coffee while I work.
  5. It’s not in the photo but I have a fifth tool, which is my Huawei Y5 II phone that I use to take my photos.

They maybe inexpensive but they are effective equipment.

This is my second entry for my 365 Photos Challenge.

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