How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 18

Some sites, to free up their mods will have a certain process.

For example, your first three articles are subject to human scrutiny. Those who can write well will be ‘elevated’. After those first articles, having proven their ability, subsequent items by that writer would be published immediately, without moderation.

Those writers ranked as average would be subjected to A.I. Moderation,spelling, grammar, and those which ‘pass’ would get a human eye. Those which ‘fail’ the spelling and grammar test would be rejected.

In this way the moderators have less work. They would scan various items which appear on the front page, just to be sure they deserve to be there, but their work load is less.

This means, faster publication for good writers, getting their work out there and earning as quickly as possible.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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  1. That sounds like a good plan, although it might be used as an excuse for “sloppy” writers to get a foot in the door and then let their standards slip when they had done so. Virily has done something similar with its “verified users”. I am not sure if this includes plagiarism checking – can this be done automatically or only via humans?

    • I think distinguishing good writers from average is obvious. You can read items on any site and be able to distinguish those which have a professional shine from those which do not.

      With running Plag. checkers, the glitch is when one uses ‘authorities’ and the checker marks them as plagiarised. I recall once quoting, (with all relevant data; i.e. “The American Psychiatric association advised it’s members that….(quote)….” and it was slapped down as plag.

      To me, before calling something Plag. the Mod needs to check if it is a quote.

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