How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 30

Years ago, when there were many writing sites, they tried to out do each other with quality writing.

As they fought over millions of hits a month, (I am not exaggerating; 12 million hits a month was not unusual) good writers had no problem gaining a few thousand hits for one item, and there was always ‘spill over’; a visitor coming to read one article, enjoying it, will read others.

This was how online writing sites made money; quality writing.

Today, quality isn’t important, so rubbish is published, and there are very few repeat visitors. Most of hits are ‘in house’.

Writer One reads and comments on Writer Two, on and on. The site isn’t particularly significant and dies when the writers get bored and move to another site.

All this would be averted, if sites had ‘editors’ and distinguished the best items from the pedestrian and posted the best on the front page.

But they don’t.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar