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Cool Tech Review Navdy Heads Up Display

One of the things I love about technology is the ever-changing landscape. For many years police cruisers have had HUD to Head-Up Displays in the vehicle. As an avid crowdfunded, I considered a number of the HUD displays that were around and ended up backing three of them. One was simply a reflection system. One, however, offered some really interesting integration with the management port of your car and your phone.

Navdy is the product, and it offers you a screen that you put on the dashboard of your car, you can see through the screen, but it also displays information. You monitor your car, see where you are in the world, and all-the-while looking ahead at the road. The system is really easy to install. There are several iterations of the HUD system for your car; Navdy is a simple system that offers complex views of information.

You plug it into your ODB or Car Management Port. That is all you need to do. The unit has a dash adapter for any time of the dashboard. In my case, I was able to use the provided friction mount. They also include wire holders, so you don’t have to have a loose wire in your car. The screen is very visible as you are driving and doesn’t blog your view. I am slowly turning on notifications as I don’t want to get distracted while driving. Right now, I have Navdy reading my texts; I can use Siri to respond to the text and never take my eyes off the road. It also displays caller ID and contact information on the screen with incoming calls.

I’ve now used it for about three days, and overall find it an extremely useful tool to have in your car! The thing to note is that the HUD (Heads Up Display) is in front of you in the car, but the screen is opaque so that you can see the information form the software, but also see through it to the road.


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