Cool Tech Mid-year Review wrapup

I pulled all twelve forward for you, and of course included lengths to the more in-depth discussion of each of the categories.

First post with categories 1-3

Second post with categories 4-6

Third post with categories 7-9

Fourth post with categories 10-12

  1. Personal Interaction Devices
  2. Home Theater
  3. Moible Device Add on
  4. Micro-weather
  5. Home Automation
  6. Motion
  7. 360-degree cameras
  8. Digital Cameras
  9. Tablets
  10. Navigation
  11. Headset
  12. Storage

In the review, I didn’t include two categories in part because they are maturing and in part because I just don’t see them having the same level of impact on a person as on business. The first of these is remote compute or cloud computing and the second is the ever-expanding reality of data management (Data Analytics or what was once called big data).

I did not include Drones or ROV’s, but they fit into the digital camera category. The abilities of Drones and ROV’s to output 4k video and operate in places where humans often struggle to operate (when is the last time you saw a person flap their wings and fly over the roof of their house).

The area where I see Drones increasing rapidly right now is that of modular drones. That would span a number of the categories that I have listed above, in particular, the areas of device interaction, digital cameras, and cellular device add-ons. Although the last one is a stretch, you are receiving video to your cell/tablet from the remote operating vehicle.

There are a couple of items in my original Linkedin post earlier this year that are interesting. The first is the CMRA band for your iWatch. It gives you added functionality including the ability to take pictures with your iWatch directly. The other are that I didn’t dive into for this is AR/VR as a specific category. AR/VR is growing rapidly and would be category 13. Right now the applications for VR and AR are in the gaming space only. As we move more and more towards the abilities to add augmented (Gamification) reality to business solutions, I suspect this category will move further up the list.

I enjoy making these lists from time to time. First off to see if I was even remotely close to right when I did the one at the beginning of the year and secondly because it is fun to evaluate what is happening in the technology world.

Now if we could only get one definition for what Hybrid Cloud is, life would be perfect.


What do you think?

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