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Top 2017 technology Technology Trends continued…

Yesterday I shared my initial starting point for top mid-year 2017 tech trends. I am continuing that post today, now adding the next set of cool technology categories, and the additional products that fit the categories. Please note that I am the one selecting both the products and technologies, so they reflect my interests.

My rules for technology trends are they have to be something that is changing the area they are in. Either impacting or altering the what and how of the area.

4. Micro-Weather

This is an extremely interesting category. In part, because it is evolving and in part because it is a very old category that until recently hasn’t changed much. The initial home weather stations could be shared, but you had to have a weather underground account and a computer you could attach to the weather station via a USB dongle. The new Micro-Weather Stations have changed all of that. Now, you can view the weather from your station on your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere without having to connect to your weather station directly.

The products in this growing category that I use and love are NetATMO (I’ve had their weather station for more than three years now) and Bloomsky (6 months and I am enjoying posting time-lapse videos of Yesterday’s weather!).

5. Home automation

Home Automation is undergoing an explosion right now. From adding capabilities to already existing products to expanding what you can automate. The quick home automation projects are video doorbells (then you know who is at the door even before they ring the doorbell) home door locks and lighting. There are several products and points of integration in the space.

The products in this even more rapidly growing technology area are Control4, Almond Routers, Amazon Echo, Google Home (Nest products and integration), and many others. The ones I use are the products listed, but the category has doubled in just the past two years.

6: Motion-input devices

The every expanding area of motion detection devices is an extremely interesting one. Like voice control systems, there is a limit to motion control. As you would not should Alexa to blank on a crowded subway car, the same is true of making gestures to automate tasks. That said, at home, where these devices are normally deployed, the value proposition of motion detection is high.

The products in this area are the Leap Motion Controller, Myo, and SingleCue. All three have different approaches to the concept of motion control. They are all three very interesting products. Motion control is expanding, but not as quickly as the voice-controlled devices are.

More to come!

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      • I am afraid technology can make us dumber and robots can be superior to humans. Mobile phones are an extension of ourselves and they are killing us. I do not love technology, the nex changes frighten me. I do not want to have a smart tv or a smart fridge. I do not want to give so many details of my privacy.

        • that is an interesting point of view. I suspect that view is one of the reasons why I always caution people that we are not in the information age yet.

          Technology won’t hurt anyone.