Our Next Stop In The Pakistan Chapter: Malam Jabba

Hi again. Today, I’m going to take you through a trip to yet another fascinating and widely-visited Hill Station of my country, called and known as Malam Jabba. This lovely place happens to be the Pakistan’s only ‘Ski Resort’ and the same is located some 315 Km from our Capital City Islamabad. The nearest airport is some 51 Km distant from Malam Jabba, known as Saidu Sharif Airport.×428/malam-jabba-swat.jpg

Winter is the best time and best season to visit Malam Jabba as you’ll see lots of lots of snow all around, covering every inch of the area and thus giving the visitors all the reasons in the world to say; it was a trip exactly worth the effort.

A still from the video above.

People simply love to play with snow that goes above 10-inch-thick at times.


To drive your vehicle(s) on these snow-covered tracks, you’ve got to be an expert and seasoned driver; a small mistake and you have no idea how fatal it could prove in the end.

The rivers, natural streams and cause-ways are in abundance in these valleys with crystal clear and freezing water; offering both fish and extremely pure and healthy drinking water.

Whenever you have a chance to come on a trip to Pakistan, do visit Malam Jabba and I bet; you’ll never regret your decision.


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Written by Nadeem Iftekhar

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