A Way To Protect Yourself From Writing Sites Which Don’t Pay (or pay badly)- 2

In the First Article I gave an overview of the situation facing those who write online. I focused on Hubpages which once was an excellent site and is now not one I would recommend save for one important feature; Storage.

Here is how it works.

You join Hubpages and follow their instructions and post as many items as you want. The articles must be long, must be broken into various sections and have images.

Yes, it is a lot of work and maybe you’ll get 1c here and there.

And Then!

Then you’ll log on to find that this article you worked so hard on is now ‘unfeatured’.

Maybe you’re told it has ‘spammy elements’ maybe you are told the images are too small, whatever. You are expected to stop what you are doing, go back and ‘fix’ the item and resubmit it.

If you do so it may stay up a few days and then often be non-features for something else.


Hubpages doesn’t want to pay and if your item can not be seen by the public it can’t earn revenue.

This is not a totally bad thing, because, if it can’t be seen, well then, if you posted somewhere else, a plagiarism checker would not find it.

It is like having a copy on your computer. Only this is better. This is better because of the date.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


  1. I remember Hubpages in the good old days where it was easier to post and get paid. But today, I agree that it is very hard to find a good paying writing site. That is why I am limiting myself to Virily, myLot, and a couple more.

    • Exactly. I sometimes will have an idea, and post it on Hubpages… not publish it… just use it as storage. When I’m elsewhere I can log on and work on the idea. At some point I might publish it, and then … in some cases, ‘play’ Hubpages by linking it to another article or reference so that it will be ‘non featured’.

      I’ll publish shards on other sites, and if any dare to touch my copyright, well, hey! It was published first on Hubpages!