W. C. Fields plays Carnival Barker Gabby Gilfoil in Two Flaming Youths, 1927.

Understanding Shills – part 9

If you don’t own the site,  if you are not directly paid by the site to perform the function of a Shill, don’t.   You only make a fool of yourself.

Only the owner knows if he will pay the users.   Only the Owner knows if he will steal coin from their earnings.

On a particular site there were three persons who were  paid to Shill.  They were paid from the earnings of each writer.

Every month the owner would  run the A.I. which would  pinch a penny from every user, (they had over 20k users).   The Owner would split this take between himself and the  shills.

None of the users noticed that last night they had $12.97 and today they had $12.96, save one.  When he complained he was kicked off the site for   ‘plagiarism’.

This penny pinch went on until the Owner wanted more.   He had the A.I. take 5c from each account. Last night there was $12.97 and today there was $12.92, many users didn’t notice.

Those who did were confronted by an unpaid Shill.

Not one of the three who were paid to run around and bring people to the site, not one of the three who were paid every month to defend the site, but some fool user who knew nothing, ‘explained’ the discrepancy.

As one of the Shills later posted;  “We stole 5c from every single account, and here’s this member we stole from posting that we didn’t….”


What do you think?

Written by jaylar