How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 37

When you use  different user names and different email accounts it seems that there is more than one writer.

By posting an item to Hubpages as ‘Oliver Queen’   when it is non-featured, posting it or a shard of it, on another site as ‘Barry Allen’, is protection.

To explain;  Hubpages has usage as storage and further, when the next  site proves dodgy,  Oliver Queen can claim  Barry Allen plagiarised the article.

This  can be proven by the fact it was first published on  Hubpages under Oliver Queen.

As  Hubpages likes long items, you can post  shards of that one article on various new site(s) just to meet their word limit.

With your article published but invisible on Hubpages,  you have proof where it was first published.

If the new site doesn’t pay or let you delete it, you can prove it was plagiarised, and get it removed.

This is pretty much the use of Hubpages and the only protection you have.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar