Definitions Two – Scam

I have used the term ‘Scam’  rather fluidly. The term means a fraudulent or deceptive kind of act or operation.

It is not an accident, it is not a mix up, it is a planned trick from start to rip off the public.

For example;

A guy offers to sell you a ‘gold’ bracelet for a very low price, suggesting he stole it and needs to get rid of it. You buy it.

In a few days it starts to fade because it wasn’t gold and wasn’t worth half of what you paid for it.

Jamaicans have run a Lottery Scam for over a decade.

A Scammer (the person who commits the scam) rings you up and tells you that you Won the Jamaican Lottery.

You are told to send something like $6k U.S. to clear the Six Million you have won.

There is no lottery, never was, but thousands and thousands of Americans send the money.

Many writing sites are scams. They are invented to be Scams. They are invented to rip off the writers. They are done like this.


Scammer starts ‘writing site’. Scammer gets Adsense to put Ads on the pages.

It is Adsense which pays to put the ads on the pages. The more people visit the site and see the Ads, the more Money the Scammer will get.

The Scammer needs a million people to visit that site to begin to make the kind of money s/he wants. How to get people to visit the site?


Claim to Pay for Submissions, for Views, for Likes for Comments.


Pay everyone the first time. This will create an army of Shills; The Shills will run all over the Internet to announce;  “Bubblews is a Great Site! I Got Paid!  Join Bubblews… use my Reference Number!”

People, some who will use the reference number, some who will not, will join the Scam site. They will be paid that first time.


The Site is NOT going to Pay as it promised. As time passes more and more people will post work and not be paid.  The work that is posted is gaining views and likes and comments and putting money in the pockets of the Scammers.


People who complain are attacked by the Shills who are Always Paid. They are paid to act as pit bulls for the Owners. Some are just stupid.

They don’t realise that because they live in America they will get paid because of American laws, and that this better writer who lives in Kenya won’t be paid because there’s nothing he can do.


The Scammers continues until the police are virtually on the door step. Some are arrested, sued.   Others run away and live to create another scam.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


  1. I have contributed to many writing sites that eventually fell over – the secret is to retain copies of everything you write so that – should a site go wrong – you can re-use your material elsewhere.

    Another trick is to create your own site – as a blog – and earn all the AdSense revenue yourself. This is not easy, because it takes a long time to get noticed and you depend on Google recognizing your work as having merit, but it can work. I currently get around 2,000 hits a day on my blog posts and was recently sent payment of £60 from AdSense for the clicks made on ads by viewers. Some of my blog posts get page 1 listings on Google – for example, if you wanted an explanation of the poem “Bogland” by Seamus Heaney, you might enter “Bogland Heaney explained” – my article is 2nd on the list! (it’s also on the first page if you enter “analysis” instead of “explained”).

    In other words, if you work at it, you can get good results! I agree – there are scams out there, but they can be avoided.

  2. People are scammed easily because essentially they are greedy. I know that sounds harsh, but you aren’t going to receive $1 million by sending someone ‘your’ own money to them first. It bothers me when they scam seniors though as they may become confused, and most of these scammers can be extremely convincing. You should never send money to receive money in return!

    • You’re right. When some people get an email ‘You Won!’ they click on it… I delete unread, because I know that’snot how it goes.

  3. Personally, I was paid many times on Bubblews, I was paid every month longer than a year, not as you stated the first time only. I earned good amount of money from this site, so I can’t complain even of finally it turned to scam site. BTW, as many others. I never believe any online claims, it is my responsibility to work with it or not. And we do not know what will happens with Virily after some time. Sad, but no one knows.

    • Of course you were. You were one of the few used to discredit the thousands upon thousands of others, who were not. This is why Scams work. You can march from site to site and claim.. I was always paid! And sneer at those who weren’t, thinking or saying….”You broke the Rules!” I am sure you don’t live in a 3rd World Country.

      • I live in Lithuania, very small country which name many do not know at all. So, you can say it is the same as third world country even if we are in EU, but everyone even there threat as as poor and not equal. I just said what I experienced in Bubblews, but I was scammed in some other sites. I do not think I somehow discredit anyone as I was paid for my work, for my articles. Do not put BB owners fault on me just because I started with them from the beginning and was paid while you have not been.

        • Lithuania has laws, strong laws. Although it is not often in the News Papers as part of the E.U. the Bubblews chaps won’t play it.

          Arvind and Jason knew what they were doing. The began their company by borrowing $10k from Jason’s uncle.

          As both Jason and Arvind were business majors, and Bubblews is a ‘poor business model’ according the those who hold degrees in Business, it was clear that they knew they would succeed because they would run a scam.

          They had to run from Bubblews before they would be prosecuted. Arvind went on to ‘create’… which has also gone down.

          Simple put, he is a scammer who moves from one site to another. Yes, you were paid.

          10% were