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TSU is finally here

I got an email from TSU  informing me that they will reinstate my old account in a few days.  My problem is they want me to get their App either from the App Store or Google Play.  I am not sure they will let me participate without the App.  I have written to them and am  awaiting their response.  

I have forgotten what it is all about  There is a video that explains everything but unless I know it is OK for me to be there without the App I will not waste my time. 

I have a few friends there 

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  1. I only just got to know what TSU is and its only a faint idea at that. Lol.

    It looks to be a social networking site, I could be wrong on this guess though. Lol. Do you earn from using the site like we do here on virily?

    • I just downloaded it but I am not an old user so I might not get in just yet
      If you search for Tsu social you will find it – I found it on app store but cannot find on play store.
      Maybe if you take the link directly from their website?

      When opening the ios app, I am asked to either enter my old log in info (which I dont have) or contact them because it is by invitation only

      • My problem is I do not want a mobile App and there is a software that helps me download it on my pc. I downloaded it but it takes a whole lot of RAM and so I uninstalled it.

        I will see if there is a way.

        • A lot of people, including myself, have very positive memories of Tsu. However, many haven’t forgotten that when it suddenly went dark it left a lot of people unpaid. In any case, this version of Tsu is at a different domain ( rather than and has different owners, so it might be naive to expect that it will simply be a return to ‘the good old days’.
          I’m still waiting for my invite. I’ve pre-registered and downloaded the Android app. As far as I can make out, there are no immediate plans for making the site accessible via the web, which is a pity, I think. I suppose it depends on one’s age. I’m quite happy t use my phone as a secondary access device, but not a primary one – it’s just too hard on the eyes.

          • I am not sure whether I will be able to participate as I do not like doing anything on mobiles. I did download a software that can connect Apps to my pc but the RAM is not sufficient it is a 400mb file. I have uninstalled it I have not given up. If I can still do this I would want to participate.

            I think you can start working earning already This is what my mail says

            “On your mobile device, click the App Store or Google Play buttons below to download the app, find your audience, and start earning up to a 50% award rate based on the ad revenue generated by your content!”

            Have I understood them correctly?

          • Unfortunately there re many apps already that do not come in desktop version …
            I know what you mean, it is causing also to the hands lots of issues to use the phone all the time.

            Not sure how tsu will go, there is great competition and it is about to become more fierce…

            Stay safe Norman 🙂


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