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Sports celebrity sues Bayer AG


The number of lawsuits against Bayer AG, the owner of Monsanto, that are currently in litigation due to side effects of the weed killer known has Roundup has jumped up to over 18,000 in the USA and in Australia.  However, a face has not been attributed to these lawsuits because the people that have been suing Bayer are either farmers, field laborers, or gardeners.

Now, an American sports celebrity has sued Bayer.  Former Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears running back and former ESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge is suing because he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2003.  He states that he worked on a farm in Idaho as a young boy in Idaho and that the exposure to Roundup led to him receiving the cancer diagnosis.  Fortunately, the lymphoma is currently in remission.

Putting a face on this issue with Roundup will cause for more publicity to be given to the topic across the nation.  Hoge is not a stranger to litigation as he won a case against the Chicago Bears when he played with the team in 1994.  The team doctors advised that he was OK to return to a game, but he was put in danger of suffering brain damage because he was concussed during the game.  His lawsuit 25 years ago finally shined a light upon concussions being a problem that the NFL needed to address.  He will now look to expose the makers of Roundup.


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    • Yes, this is getting out of hand. Bayer just needs to settle, but they are waiting until one of the cases reaches the Supreme Court. That’s not as outrageous as it may seem because the Supreme Court still believes that corporations are people instead of companies and businesses.

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