Day 3 of Winter Olympics 2018

Monday, 2.12.18

Men’s Halfpipe Run 1

The top scores come from USA’s Shaun White, USA’s Ben Ferguson, Australia’s Scotty James, Japan’s Hirano, Switzerland’s Scherr, Japan’s Katayama, and Japan’s Totsuka. Totsuka scored 80.0, Scherr scored 84.0, Hirano scored 87.50, USA’s Ferguson scored 91.0, Katayama scored 85.50, James scored 89.0, and White scored 93.25.

Men’s Halfpipe Run 2

Run 1 helped narrow the top competitors into the Run 2 competition, in which the top 3 medal winners will be chosen from the best performers during Run 2. Germany’s Dressen is in first place until France’s Moffat-Jeandet takes over the lead, and then Austria’s Hirscher takes over the first place position. France’s Moffat-Jeandet moves into 2nd place until USA’s Ligety takes over for a while. Austria’s Schwarz moves into 2nd place before France’s Pinturault takes over 2nd place. Italy’s Fill takes over 3rd place. Austria’s Hirscher wins Gold, France’s Pinturault wins Silver, and France’s Moffat-Jeandet wins Bronze.

Women’s Halfpipe Run 1

USA’s Kelly Clark scores first place with 76.25 points. But Chloe Kim eventually takes over with 93.75 points. China’s Lui scores 85.50, which puts her in second place. And, Japan’s Matsumoto scores 70.0, which puts her in third place. In Run 2, USA’s Arielle Gold scores 74.75 and USA’s Kelly Clark scores 81.75, putting them on top until China’s Lui scores 89.75 points. In Run 3, the top scores are from USA’s Gold with 85.75, USA’s Kelly Clark with 83.50, and USA’s Chloe Kim with 98.25. China’s Cai Xuetong scores 76.50, which put her in 5th place. But China’s Lui Jiayu does well with 89.75 points. Therefore, USA’s Chloe Kim wins Gold, China’s Lui Jiayu wins Silver, and USA’s Arielle Gold wins Bronze.

In the Men’s Biathlon 12.5KM Pursuit, the top 60 men will race in 5 Laps and shoot at 4 shooting locations. The top 4 men in the race started out with Austria’s Eberhard, Germany’s Peiffer, Germany’s Doll, and Germany’s Schempp. But throughout the race, it often changed between Germany’s Peiffer, Germany’s Lesser, Norway’s Boe, Germany’s Kemp, Germany’s Schempp, Sweden’s Samuelsson, and France’s Fourcade. They each fought hard to ski in the top three. After the 4th shooting range location, France’s Fourcade was in the lead, followed by Germany’s Doll, and Sweden’s Samuelsson. But after they cross the finish line, France’s Fourcade wins Gold, Sweden’s Samuelsson wins Silver, and Germany’s Doll wins Bronze.


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