Day 7 of the Winter Olympics 2018

Friday, 2.16.18

I woke up early in the morning, just to take out the trash and feed Gumby. Then, I went back into my bed and went over my schedule for today. I want to continue watching the Winter Olympics in order to blog about my own Olympics coverage. As I made a cup of hot cocoa, I noticed that time was 10:10 am. I worked on my graphic novel until noon.

For this post, I decided to add one of my ice skating ticket snapshot, which is similar to a ski pass at a mountain skiing resort.

Men’s 15K FreeStyle Skiing:

Switzerland, France and Norway appear to be in the lead. Norway’s Krueger is in first place, but Finland’s Heikkinen takes over the first place position, followed by Sweden’s Halvarssen. The top three soon changes to Norway’s Krueger, Norway’s Holund, and OAR. Norway’s Sunby takes over OAR and Canada’s Harvey moves into the top three. Switzerland’s Cologna is now in second place.  Sweden’s Halvarssen and Finland’s Heikkinen are the top 2. OAR’s Spitsov is now in 2nd place, but Sweden’s Rickardsson is sneaking up behind the two and moving into second place, right behind OAR’s Spitsov, who is now in first place. Halvarssen is now in 3rd place. Norway’s Krueger is approaching OAR’s Spitsov and Norway’s Sunby is nearby. Holund is also nearby. (This is started to sound like a football team, where three Norwegians are getting ready to tackle a Russian). So far, OAR’s Spitsov is in first place, followed by Norway’s Krueger in second, Switzerland’s Cologna in third, Sweden’s Hellner in fourth, and France’s Manificat in fifth. At the end, Switzerland’s Dario Cologna wins Gold, Norway’s Simen Hegstad Krueger wins Silver, and OAR’s Denis Spitsov wins Bronze.

Women’s Speed Skating 5000M:

Netherland’s Visser is in first place while Japan’s O. Shigiri is in fifth place. Netherland’s Weijden is in second place, Canada’s Blondin is in third place and Germany’s Pechstein is in sixth place. During the last lap, Czech’s Sablikova moves up to 2nd place and OAR’s Voronina moves up to 3rd place, while Visser remains in first place as she crosses the finish line first. Therefore, Netherland’s Visser wins Gold, Czech’s Sablikova wins Silver, and OAR’s Voronina wins Bronze.

Men’s Large Hill 98M Ski Jump. I think there are also two other level hills at 3.1M and 125M in ski jump race. There are 57 ski jumpers but 50 will move on into the finals. As each man takes his turn, Norway’s Johansson is in first place, Norway’s Forfang is in second place, Japan’s R. Kobayashi is in third place, Germany’s Wellinger is in fourth place, Austria’s Hayboeck is in fifth, Norway’s Tande is in sixth, Poland’s Stoch is in seventh and Germany’s Freitag is in 13th. (This is an interesting coincidence because Freitag in German means Friday and he is in the 13th position. Friday the 13th?).

Women’s SlopeStyle, Run 2

Switzerland’s Hoefflin falls, but she scored 83.80 in the first run. Norway’s Christiansen is in second place with 89.00. USA’s Voisin is in 9th place with 73.00. France’s Ledeux and USA’s Claire fall. USA’s Stevens scores 64.00. Sweden’s Dahlstroem scores 57.60 but they use her best score from first run of 91.40. USA’s Howell falls. Korea’s Meeyun scores 72.80 in the qualification rounds. Therefore, after the first two runs, the top 12 athletes are Voisin, Killi, Logan, Christiansen, Hoefflin, Dahlstroem, Atkin, Ledeux, Lee Meehyun, Howell, Claire and Gremaud, who will move on to the Finals. The highest scores are from Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway.

During the Final Run, USA’s Logan messes up. So, they use her highest score from the other two runs, which is 56.80. Switzerland’s Gremaud also messes up on her second run and final run. So, they use her first run score of 88.00. Norway’s Christiansen scores 60.40, which is higher than her other two runs, but it places her in 9th place. Sweden’s Dahlstroem messes up all three runs. So, they use her highest score, which is from the second run, at 52.40. USA’s Voisin scores 26.80 in the first run, 37.60 in the second run, and 81.20 in the final run. Switzerland’s Hoefflin scores 83.80 in the first run, 27.80 in the second run, and 91.20 in the final run. Great Britain’s Atkin scores 68.40 in the first run, 79.40 in the second run, and 84.60 in the final run. Norway’s Killi scores 10.20 in the first run, 76.80 in the second run, 54.40 in the final run, but they use her highest score of 76.80 for the final run. Therefore, Switzerland’s Hoefflin wins Gold, Switzerland’s Gremaud wins Silver, and Great Britain’s Atkin wins Bronze.

Men’s Skeleton: Korea’s Yun Sung-Bin wins Gold, OAR’s Nikita Tregubov wins Silver, and Great Britain’s Dom Parsons wins Bronze.

Women’s Aerials, FreeStyle Skiing Final, Round 3:

USA’s Olsen and Belarus’ Tsuper fell, but Belarus’ Huskova receives 96.14 and China’s Zhang Xin receives 95.52; China’s Kong Fanyu falls and receives 70.14, but it is still higher than Olsen and Tsuper’s scores. Therefore, Belarus’ Huskova wins Gold, China’s Zhang Xin wins Silver and China’s Kong Fanyu wins Bronze.

Men’s Free Skate:

USA’s Nathan Chen skates first and receives 296.00, in which he performed six quads and spins. Uzbekistan’s Misha GE received 244.94 because his program was smooth and it flowed nicely. Korea’s Cha Jun Hwan didn’t do well. USA’s Zhou is in second place with 276.00. USA’s Rippon is in 4th place with 259.36. OAR’s Kolyada is in 3rd place. OAR’s Aliev moves into 3rd place with 267.51, pushing back Kolyada to fourth place. China’s Jin Boyang makes it to first place with 297.77, which puts Nathan Chen in second place and USA’s Zhou in third place. Then, Patrick Chen performed, but he didn’t make it in the top three. Japan’s Hanyu scores 317.85, which now puts him in first place. Spain’s Fernandez scores 305.24, which now puts him in second place. Japan’s Shoma Uno scores 306.90, which beats Fernandez’ score, and bumps Fernandez into third place. Nathan Chen is now in 5th place. Therefore, Japan’s Hanyu wins Gold, Japan’s Shoma Uno wins Silver, and Spain’s Fernandez wins Bronze.

Women’s Super G:

USA’s Lindsey Vonn scored 121.49 to start the competition, but others soon beat her first place score, which includes Switzerland’s Gut, Liechtenstein’s Weirather, Austria’s Veith, and Czech’s Ledecka. Vonn was bumped back down to second place, third place, fourth place and fifth place quickly. France’s Worley and Italy’s Schnarf made it into second place but Switzerland’s Gut was higher and she remained in second place. But when Czech’s Ledecka makes it to first place, Austria’s Veith moved into second place, and Liechtenstein’s Weirather moved into third place. Therefore, Czech’s Ledecka wins Gold, Austria’s Veith wins Silver, and Liechtenstein wins Bronze. Switzerland’s Gut is bumped to 4th place.


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