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Walk With Us!

Let’s take a walk along Copper Creek

Over a steep hill and into the woods of San Elijo California lays the remains of an old dam, some blasted mine shafts and a couple waterfalls..

This hike was 5 miles. There were 3 of us, (my son and daughter in law) along with 5 dogs.

What an adventure for the dogs. They loved the long hike.

The road ( Lone Jack Road) or trail as it is now, followed a creek the whole way. The dogs would jump in and out of the creek the whole way, getting wet and drinking the fresh water. In fact,  most of the water photos are after the dogs got in. They beat me to it every time there was a clearing in the brush that allowed access.

As you can see in this photo. I got three dogs in one shot. That is hard to do, with this wild bunch.  Lily the doberman, Maggie in red, and Meika in white.

Hard to tell he is completely wet with that short coat. This is Keizer. He is a Great Dane Mix.

The water is actually clear, but the dogs stirred up mud from the bottom.

The path crisscrosses the creek several times, and some local companies had donated these new bridges. 

In the next shot we came across this huge patch of wild Artichoke. I had blown out the sky, so I turned this one into a black and white. I thought it fit the mood as well.  

And one in Sepia tones. I was really starting to feel the history here. It was like taking a walk back in time.

This mushroom is in full color…. Once you get away from the creek a few feet, the land turns dry. 

There were also beautiful wildflowers along the creek. This next picture is a Desert Mallow.

I wasn’t sure what the next one is, but boy it sure stood out. 



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