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The Abandoned Park

These pictures are all taken in an abandoned trailer park in my hometown of Vista California. This walk bridge is really pretty. There is a creek that runs the length of the park. The dogs love it here, not many people go here so it’s a great place to let them run off lead.

All the trailers were taken away long ago, leaving just the cement pads they were on. So many different plants have survived over the years. It’s a great place for me to take photos.

After a rain there was a perfect rain puddle with the trees and sky reflected. Of course I had to get a shot of Meika trotting by.

Always on the lookout for those pesky wabbits, here is Maggie Mae and Meika digging under an old buckled cement pad.

The trees that line the creek are big and beautiful, creating a cool canopy.

This fence is along the creek in some places.

Heading to the creek, this shot was taken by my son, of myself, Penny and Meika.

The water is clean and clear, the trees are huge and very healthy. Below is a shot looking out from under a palm tree.

And my daughter in law with her dog below.

We even found this old shuffleboard.

And this Agave trying to make it out from under a cement pad.

These trees are fighting for space around this cement slab and growing over it.

Meika is standing on a group of boulders used as a pestle and mortar by the Native Americans.

So much to explore…

Long ago closed down to motor vehicles this bridge was the entry to the RV and Trailer Park. I loved the blue flowers.

Speaking of flowers, these daisies are doing well. I loved the old tree along with the new flowers.

Even the thistle were pretty.

Below are wild roses, over 15 feet high. They are flourishing!

All and all it’s a great place to explore, and let the dogs run.

Hope you have enjoyed our little walk.


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