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Make the world more secure, well arranged place

People have long sought to make the world more secure, well-arranged place. No one expected that all the world will be formatted and limited – the property, permitted speed, the various areas, taxes, and law, that every person will be checked, tested, included in the lists, registered by the place of residence. No space for adventure, maybe only for those that can be purchased. Take a ride roller skating. Watch a film. This will not be a really exciting adventure. Because we know that we will not be swallowed by dinosaurs.

The well-researched audience will accept any disaster. Therefore, no space for true certain risks and, at the same time, for true salvation, for true euphoria, genuine excitement, joy. For discovery and creation.

Laws that ensure security, together condemn us to boredom? Or we just feel safer, regulated by law? Or may some can say that people unable to achieve real chaos, can’t achieve true peace? It will not be better, so we should enjoy that will not be worse? Everything that else we have is still untouched universe, everything else is strictly controlled. Restricted by many laws.

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