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Unknown Facts About Gemstones

There are many different gemstones in the world, everyone is unique in its own way. Besides their beautiful, appearance, these gems are valuable due to their rarity and their construct. Over 4000 naturally occurring minerals naturally occur on Earth, as far as experts can tell.

The various minerals generally develop from the cooling down process of molten rock or magma but it’s what they can turn into that is really fascinating. Whenever clusters of minerals from different combinations connect, they could become very lucrative natural resources such as gold, platinum, iron, granite, or marble.

Many minerals also become beautiful crystals. The most sought after, are the gemstones. Uncut gemstones are usually dull in appearance, once cut and polished, they display remarkable appeal and beauty.  Gemstones have historically been categorized into two distinct classes; precious and semiprecious gems.

A large number of semiprecious gems, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds continue to be classed as precious. This value is controlled by product supply and demand as well as what is called, perceived quantities in existence on Earth. Discover, some of the most interesting facts there are to be learned about gemstones in the below video.


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  1. I was having trouble viewing more than a few seconds. It was like it just froze up, and wouldn’t let me go any further. Thank you for sharing.. It started out interesting, so I know it would have most informative.

    • Thanks for watching and reading. As a young man growing up in South Africa, it i9s easy to be drawn into “Gemology” with the largest diamond in the world, Cullinan diamond (mounted in Queen Elizabeth’s ceremonial scepter) and the abundant semi-precious stones like Amethyst, Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz and hundreds more of the over 4000 minerals on earth, are found here and in neighboring Namibia.

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