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This tree has to be an Ent!

In “The Lord of the Rings” by J R R Tolkien there is a strange race of beings called Ents. They resemble trees and they stand motionless and silent until somebody approaches them.

I reckon that this tree, which I saw in Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire, is an Ent! It is clearly extremely old and it very much looks as though it wants to say something! Fortunately for our sanity, it didn’t!

Clumber Park, which is in the care of the National Trust, was once the estate of the Dukes of Newcastle. It is in an area of north Nottinghamshire that is known as The Dukeries, from the fact that much of the land was owned in the past by very wealthy aristocrats. 


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    • You can see how stories and legends get started. There is nothing about this tree that is at all out of the ordinary, but the locations of the “scars” caused by fallen branches just happen to make it look like a face. This must happen all over the place, just as there are plenty of trees that don’t make anyone take a second look.


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