The Ugly, Awful Truth You Aren't Supposed to Know

For a moment, let’s take a purely hypothetical journey. Although fictitious, this has a direct bearing on an ugly truth that you aren’t supposed to know.

Suppose that there is a well-known organization known as CMR, Center for Medical Research. (To my knowledge, no such organization exists except in this hypothetical story.)

CMR, in our story, is based in the US, but their data is shared worldwide. In fact, they are viewed as among the leading sources of medical data in the world.

One part of their research is to determine which foods and beverages are safe to consume and which are evil. The rest of the world tends to agree with CMR on a consistent basis because roughly 80% of the medical data in the world comes from CMR. In fact, a scientist who disagrees with them is seldom heard about because CMR has so much clout that scientific journals refuse to publish any papers that aren’t in agreement with CMR.

The leaders of CMR one day decide that water is an evil substance that shouldn’t be consumed. They postulate that water causes cancer. This is based on the fact that there is an increased consumption of water now as compared to a century ago. At the same time, they have evidence that shows that more people have cancer today than 100 years ago.

They launch studies to prove how vile water is and European counterparts follow suit, using data given to them by CMR. Sure enough, it is found that more people today have cancer than 100 years ago. Further, water consumption has risen even faster than expected. CMR and UN scientists immediately launch a full-scale assault on drinking water. They claim that by the year 2030, if water consumption continues at its current pace, four-fifths of the world’s population will have cancer.

Years pass as they continue with their multi-billion dollar studies and advertising campaign. CMR feels that they are making headway because they are able to convince millions of people to stop drinking water and turn to alternatives.

Then something amazing happens. Studies begin to show that cancer rates are falling. Water consumption figures are still rising and since CMR has spent hundreds of billions in an anti-water campaign, they panic.

In order to make the data fall in line with their theory and predictions, CMR republishes “adjusted” data. In other words, they homogenize the data. By diluting the pure data, the adjusted data appears to show even lower numbers of people had cancer 100 years ago and even more who have it now. They focus even more strongly on water, which people were clearly drinking before they knew it was evil. CMR ignores that fact.

They even find people, hungry for research money, who seem to back up the data. The majority of these people have no scientific degrees, but they claim to have actually witnessed that those who’ve increased the amount of water they drink have a much larger number who have cancer. Of course, no other causes of cancer have been examined and CMR purposely suppresses any data or findings that clearly show that CMR’s original hypothesis was totally incorrect. Here is the truth you aren’t supposed to know.

The above is fiction. However, this is exactly what has actually happened in regard to the global warming theory. The theory has been debunked in virtually every way and a growing number of people know now that it is a made-up farce. Yet, NASA, NOAA, and the National Science Foundation continue to cling to the disproved theory. NASA and NOAA have also been caught altering the data and homogenizing it to make it appear to be warmer today than it was a century ago. Additionally, they’ve suppressed papers and data that has shown that they are incorrect, while feeding the altered data to the UN, who still gets most of its data from NASA. If the altered data is taken as real, it does appear to show global warming. This is obviously not true ‘science’.

So what is the truth? The raw data is out there and it shows several interesting things. These deserve dedicated articles but put simply, temperatures are far cooler today than they’ve been for over 80% of the last 10,000 years.

The raw data also clearly shows that in the past century, the globe was hotter in the 1930s than at any other time, particularly in 1938, which was before man-caused carbon dioxide emissions began to rapidly grow (the upswing occurred in 1945). In that single year, 1938, four to five times more high-temperature records were shattered than in any year in the past 40 years, worldwide.

In fact, both satellite and on-the-ground measurements have shown conclusively that global temperatures have been dropping since 1998. (Note: This is from the unaltered data, not the data that continues to be altered every year.)

You are unlikely to hear the truth unless you look for it because NASA, NOAA, and NSA are still suppressing the truth and the media is loathe to print anything that goes counter to NASA, NOAA, and NSA. Thus, it is very worthwhile to look at the actual, true, raw data. After all, whether we believe the global warming hoax or not, we’ve all been impacted by it and continue to be.


What do you think?

Written by Rex Trulove


  1. I’ve seen heat waves come and go plenty of times in my close to eighty years on this planet. I’ve heard the predictions that climate change was already supposed to have destroyed us a few years ago. We’re still here. I think it’s rather presumptuous to believe man is powerful enough to change the climate or smart enough to predict climate change over the next few centuries when he can’t accurately predict the weather two weeks from now. As for computer models based on past data, sorry. I don’t have that much confidence in computers, either.

    I’m not saying the earth won’t end by overheating. I’m saying it will wait until God’s good time. We won’t be able to do much about it. It’s not fossil fuel emissions that will destroy the planet, but human immorality.

    • I agree with you. When God created the earth, he made it marvelously self-regulating, with all kinds of checks and balances, many of which we don’t yet even know exist. Some of that will come out in my next article that tackles why CO2 can’t cause appreciable global warming. It is backed by science fact and not pseudoscience emotions. lol

      In the scheme of things, man just isn’t that important and it is only arrogance that drives corrupt agencies like NASA, NOAA, and NSA to think man is more important than he is.

      • That’s been going on since they built the Tower of Babel. Humankind has never wanted to accept God’s authority and dominance. Humankind wants to challenge God’s power and try to prove it is smarter than God. That’s a losing battle.

        • True and almost inevitable anytime people try to define God in terms of man. It can’t be done. Pride also tends to get in the way. It is prideful to think that we are more important than we are. Being humble is far more productive and leads to more accurate outcomes.

  2. Sorry, Rex, but your argument – if I might use your analogy – just doesn’t hold water. The evidence for global warming is overwhelming, and every point you advance that tries to deny it has been answered conclusively and shown to be false.

    You only have to look at sea levels, which are rising. You only have to look at the ice caps and glaciers, which are melting. You only have to look at the increase in severe weather events, caused by the higher levels of water vapour being held by the warmer lower atmosphere. The world is getting warmer, and it is impossible to account for this without factoring in man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

    Scientists are in the business of doing their darndest to find reasons why their theories are wrong. If they could have disproved man-made global warming they would have done so by now – they are finding it just plain impossible.

    By the way, the so-called “global warming pause” has been shown to be a statistical anomaly caused by different methods used to gather the data at different times. There never was a pause.

    • The evidence AGAINST global warming is overwhelming. As for sea levels, they’ve risen 7 inches in the past century…hardly catastrophic and also far lower than for most of the past 10,000 years according to geological evidence. I plan on presenting yet more evidence than just this overview. I’ll also show why CO2 emissions CAN’T cause global warming…that is proved by physics. However, there is little doubt that the whole global warming thing is a farce and there is a huge amount of evidence that proves it.

      Incidentally, climatology isn’t a science, it is a pseudoscience. As such, the climatologists, worldwide, who are working off of the manipulated data from NASA and NOAA (which accounts for roughly 80% of the worldwide data) aren’t scientists. Like I said, there is plenty of evidence for it, despite the best efforts of NASA and NOAA to silence the truth.

      Incidentally, in the US alone, more cold weather records were shattered in 4 out of the past 5 years than ever before since temperature records have been kept.