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Spend with me – My Pictures for Today 16-02-2018

I’ve been busy lately. But this morning I restored my harsh walks. It began with the first rays of the Sun above the horizon and the sea in Torrevieja Spain. Quiet and calm sea. A cloudless sky. The artists of the sky – the clouds had gone on a trip somewhere in the world. I was captured by the green color of the great trawler I love. At the rocks I saw a beauty who was waiting for her likely breakfast sacrifice. I let her hunt for peace. Many times I passed a villainous house. My attention was drawn to the play of the little kittens. As I approached, I saw a huge family. To joke, they are now the new sailors. I walked to the path of rocks. Then I liked the view among the four palm trees. On my way home, I suddenly saw the little birds in the golden waves. For a little bit a little dog to stumble me. Despite his bandaged foot,he was running and jumping cheerfully. My walk ended with the last photo in the park in front of the house. It was a wonderful walk in a wonderful sunny day

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First display of the horizon over the sea

  1. We moved here from the Oregon coast and I miss the ocean. However, I also love the mountains, like where I live now, too. I grew up in the mountains. I still like visiting the ocean. I just don’t do it often because to get there, I need to drive from here in Montana, across the panhandle of Idaho, and all the way across Washington state. It is definitely not a day trip. (I can get to Seattle in a day and if I turned around and headed back immediately, I could make the round trip within 24 hours, but I wouldn’t be able to actually spend time enjoying the ocean.)

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The House of the “Family of the Cat”

This is an abandoned house in the yard of the house has a whole family of cats. They are about 10 in number. In the next photo you will see the mother with two of her children.

The Golden Wave and the Little Bird on the Sand

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