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Saturday's Critters – And Tiritiri Matangi Island..Part One

Tiritiri Matangi is a must see if you come to Auckland, New Zealand and there is one return trip per day except on Monday. 

The Ferry trip takes about one and a half hours from Auckland central one way. From Gulf harbour it takes 15 minutes. All the Ferries stop at the Gulf harbour before continuing on to Tiritiri Matangi island and they return doing the same route. 

You can go to the main city of Auckland by the Ferry building and not far away there is a Ferry that goes daily to Tiritiri Matangi Island. You can also go to this island from Gulf Harbour in Whangaparoa peninsula. The Ferry is called ‘ “360 degrees!” and Tiritiri Matangi is engraved on the Ferries.  You leave in the morning and return in the afternoon  they provide tea and coffee and hot water in the main building of the island

To go you need to make sure you have good walking shoes, a packed lunch and make sure you don’t take any small critters with you. On arrival, you have to scrub your foot wear clean to make sure you don’t spread any disease. It is a pristine island and the people must ensure it stays that way.

Of course , good camera equipment is necessary.

When you arrive a person from our conservation team will give you a lecture about this beautiful island and what to do. For a small fee you can join a group and a guide will take you through a walkway to show the beauty of this magnificent island.

It takes about 2 hours to go through the walking track and you end up in a main building where you can have your lunch and a cup of tea or coffee. You make your own way back to the Ferry.Z

Just a note here, you can book to stay over night and you need to pay extra to do that, plus at night you get a night tour to show you the New Zealand Kiwi. You also get to see the Little blue penguins …I have not yet done that.

The thumbnail shows the “Stitch bird!” which can not live in mainland New Zealand because the predators will kill them off. It is an endangered bird.

#1 View of Tiritiri Matangi Island from a distance of the Ferry

Quite often you will also see Gannets fly over the water near here

#2 Tiritiri Island beach

This was included in one of our guided tours.

#3 Bell bird

Some of these birds seem to follow you around.

#4 The North Island Robin

A sweet little bird that follows you around, easy prey for cats or dogs.

See more

#5 The New Zealand Takahe

It is an endangered bird that resembles a Pukako but isn't the same. 

#6 Bird feeder and Tui

This is honey water and it has to be fresh every day.

#7 The New Zealand Morepork or Ruru

An equivalent to an Owl. New Zealand also has Barn Owls but not many.

The Ruru flies without a sound and is nocturnal

#8 The New Zealand Kakariki Parrot

Quite lucky to see these

#9 The Ferry that took us there

There are many other birds to show ..maybe next time

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