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Pohutakawa Tree – more about it.

The Pohutakawa tree is a unique tree of New Zealand. It is like but not like the Bottlebrush.

Yes, we do have Bottlebrush trees in New Zealand and I do know there is a definite difference between the 2 trees.

I remember as a child Pohutakawa trees by the beach and an old car tyre was tied to a branch with a rope and we used it as a swing, from the sand to the water on the beach.

Pohutakawa trees are tough and weather resistant. Sometimes their roots are in rocks and are often by the sea. 

Birds love this tree and it blooms at Christmas time. 

One word of caution, they never are good to be any where near a house . It makes my neighbours asthma much worse. 

#1 Pohutakawa tree Blossom

This was taken of a young tree by Auckland airport.

#2 Tiritiri Matangi Island

Lots of Pohutakawa trees are on the Island of Tiritiri Matangi Island, which is a bird sanctuary, mostly by the sea or by the waters edge.

You can see one that is not in bloom on the top right hand of the photo, that is how big these trees grow. 

#3 Pohutakawa trees in Onehunga, Auckland at Christmas time

This is one place where the Pohutakawa tree is admired at Christmas, they only bloom for a month and there are different types of Pohutakawa trees. 

#4 Pohutakawa tree roots

This is the roots of the Pohutakawa tree on the beach and it is a living tree.I took this photo at Beachlands, Auckland.

You can guess how tough this tree is.

  1. With roots like that, Pohutakawa is indeed a strong tree. Like banyan or every kind of ficus which its roots can penetrate all the cracks and grip anything, even “swallow” it.

#5 Pohutakwa trees in Okahu Bay

Near Auckland's CBD and right next to Kelly Tarltons Marine centre.

#6 Beachlands

Old car tyre tied on to a Pohutakawa tree

#7 Beachlands view of Pohutakawa tree near abandoned building

I am not sure what the building is for or who it belongs to. 

Rangitoto Island in the distance.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • They are OK by the sea, not by houses, but we have 2 by our houses which affected my neighbours. By law we are not allowed to cut them down, because they are protected as a species.
      One needs to be wise about planting trees. I am asthmatic too.

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