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One on one with nature: Fullerton Woods trail

With everyone and they momma out on the trails, I had to re-think the trails I had in mind today for my run which was Humboldt Park path, and the 606 Bloomingdale trail. My sole focus today was to get a workout in peace and be one with nature where I could enjoy everything that comes with running on a trail, such as its soft terrain, a cool breeze, fresh air, and the sound of nature.

After leaving the 606 Bloomingdale trail I almost drove out to the Lakefront path near Lake Michigan, but within a few minutes into the drive I decided to drive out and run Fullerton Woods trail which was fitting to the mood I was in. 

Now as for the run….

Within the first mile of my I was already capturing natures beauty. 

This turned out gorgeous! I believe I have shared similar pictures of this area in the past.

My energy level just wasn’t there today, so I dumbed my pace down, so that I wouldn’t kill myself. Running on the trail is an adventure because you sometimes you encounter fallen trees and have to resort to climbing or hopping over what is on your path in order get to your destination or turnaround. Adventures like this, you cannot encounter within the neighborhood unless you live in a catastrophic area dodging or jumping over who knows what. On the trail, I get to be a kid again, even though I am not as careless.

  1. Sunglasses – Generic
  2. Run Or Die – Kennekuk Road/trail runners sweatshirt by Gildan
  3. Run tights by Gore Running Wear
  4. GoRun Ride 2 – Nite Owl by Skechers

I ended up running in my Skechers GoRun Forza which are seen in the first picture of me on the actual trail. Since my last run at Fullerton Woods I decided to leave them in my car. 

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