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I love to hike and take pictures of the cool things I find on the way. Last weekend, I tried to make it down to some really awesome waterfalls, but couldn’t find the way down!! 

My son and I along with my two dogs, and my moms tiny dog set out on an adventure. We like to find those off the beaten paths and usually use google maps to find places. 

This one looked like we could get down to. There is even videos on YouTube of people jumping off these wonderful clear falls into big pools of water. 

This hike was a bust or was it? I had no idea you could see the ocean from the top of this hill! We even found a hiking trail once we got to the top, but no way down. 

What we did find were some awesome views. 

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We ate lunch here on top of our little world, the dogs and my son explored,  I took pictures. 

The dogs actually made it down to the water. It was just too steep for two legged creatures, unless you had a long rope.

These are the photos I thought worthy. I hope you do as well.

The view.


And this was right before the dogs found the trail down to the water…Meika found a mud hole on the way up…I was glad she found a way down to rinse off. She came back all clean and white.

Making my way to the edge of the bluff, you can see how the foliage changes from brown to green! You can even see water on the left of the frame.

Panning up the creek.. It looks like you could just walk down. This is not true..


Panning down the creek, this huge boulder caught my eye..

And the dead tree.

I had to get closer..

The tree was on the edge..

The back round in focus, you can really see how steep it is.

The hill we were on was small, but really tall. Panning to the right of that tree you can see another small valley that has water in it. 

And then I saw it. I was following Penny, and saw another trail leading down. Problem is, its on the other side of the canyon… 

NOTE: I can’t seem to load anymore photos, Virily has decided this was enough. hahaha. More later..

Time to hit google maps again! 

I hope you enjoyed this little hike. Have a great day.

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    • Thank you LaJenna, this is what I wanted! For others to feel like they are walking beside me.
      As for the hiking, a short stroll in a park is a wonderful thing ya’know. Bring a blanket, a book, have a short stroll. You will get the same feeling as a hike.

  1. I enjoyed every photo of stunning views, the sky, the sea (ocean), the hills, houses, the trails and… everything!! I was imagining myself walking on the paths and having a spiritual experience of gratefulness to the Creator of all that I’m seeing and breathing.

    Thank you for sharing. I got carried away… 😀

    • Thank you Carol, it was awesome up there. Great memories as well. There will be more, he is getting training for hiking the Appalachian trail in 2020! I am getting in shape, we will start doing sections of the famous Pacific Crest Trail since it is near us.

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