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Show your Face Challenge ~ I accept!

Thanks to LaJenna I have accepted the show your face challenge. While out hiking yesterday, I had my son click a shot of me. We had made if from sea level to a little over 1500 feet, in three miles. The picture is of me saying look we made it! haha

I thought I might mention, I will do just about anything to stay out of frame. I am extremely camera shy. When we got up to the top, it was windy and cold. Thank goodness my son had a shirt I could borrow in his pack. 

This hike was actually a bust, since we were trying to find a way down to the waterfalls below. We did find a trail, but it was almost straight up and down, we did not take a rope with us. I will be back to repel down someday. 

I did take some pictures of the hike up. The first thing we came across was a giant owl, and I missed it. It was in a tree about 30 feet off the trail through some brush. It’s amazing how they can fly through thick brush. 

This is where it was, in this little seep with green grass. I didn’t know that when I took the shot that there was a bright red dragonfly in it, or Penny my mom’s dog. 

The dragonfly landed, but I couldn’t quit find focus. I thought I would share it anyway, it was sooo bright! 

Then there was some damselflies in bright blue! How many damselflies do you see in this. Hint: One is a female. 

She is easier to see in this one. There were two males, and one female. 

It was a gorgeous partially cloudy upper 60 degree day. 

The dogs are up ahead. Look closely, can you see the Penny? She is in the lead, followed by a really muddy Meika, and Luna! 

Looking back down the trail.. San Marcos Creek runs in that valley, the ocean and lagoon are in the coastal fog. We came from that grey hill over there on the top of the frame! 

More of the valley..

I will post more of this hike tomorrow, titled, “A long way down”. 

Have a great day today, and join the challenge. Show your face! 


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